Words That Are Usually Insults But I View As Compliments- with Guest Blogger, D.K. Phoenix

Salutations world, I’ve got an interesting post for today. I’ve recently begun communicating with my friend and long inactive blogger, D.K. Phoenix once more.

After an interesting conversation, we have concluded that both of us seem to be strangely complimented by words that are otherwise construed as insults by most people.

I thought this would make an interesting topic for a post, so enjoy as we both inject our redefinition of the English language into the blog-o-sphere. Continue reading

The Teacher Student Ratio

Everybody teaches something in life,

whether it’s the overly complicated answer to some quadratic equation,

or simply how to be happy,

there is things we pass on in our lives,

whether we know it or not.

And even when we’ve passed along all we know,

it’s never too late, to keep learning.

The World Sown

Salutations readers! Due to some minor setbacks I recently experienced with Skye Child, part 5 will unfortunately be delayed a bit longer, I apologize for that.

So in the mean time, I brought something else for you that I had done a while ago; something that I never really do, poetry.

It might actually be one of the few I’ve ever written. Enjoy!


The World Sown

The Silence comes

The wind blows,

And the ash flows on the breeze.

 Come, far from home,

Hand in hand of fingers sewn,

Come, far from home,

The fires burned,

And silence fallen,


Rest o one of courage shown,

One so worn thin,

 The sun rises in the sky,

Cast on those

Convinced it died.

Hold on

The fear fades away,

Look to the sky,

And know;

That it’s finally over,

 Breath as the sun,

The rising and the setting.

Think as the water,

Focused, clear, and always moving.

Love as the fires lit,

Intense, roaring, mourning for the once.

 But Fear as the ashes blown,

Faded to nothing,

In the rising sun.

Look to the trees,

Where the bird sings to free,

Leaves and song,

Upon the gentle breeze.

Never again, shall the sound die,

Never again, shall we wither away,

Shrouded in our own fear,

Never again, shall there be a million questions,

With no answers to solve them.

Never again, will the inferno burn,

When we have already allowed it to cease,

Never again.

The sun shines, the rain falls,

Reap the peace, of the world sown.

 The air filled with merry a laughter,

The forests sing,

For what has found.

The heavens applaud,

The world is found.

Look around, embrace the sound.

Search for the light,

And climb the steps,

To the highest point.

Emerge to the world,

Head held high,

Where we are found

Step outside and remember.

Stand with him,

Maintain it to the end.

For good and for true,

From now forward,

We find the light, and turn from the dark abyss.

We move forward, not back,

 The Past can’t be changed,

Though you can try,

But today it is now,

And you can always change the future.

So reap the peace,

Of the world sown.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

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Skye Child p5 to be coming soon! -M.C. Scripturus

The Beyond, the Grand Finale

Behold, Part 3 of the Beyond, also the final part. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.


Sooner than I expected, White pulled up in not a car, or a truck, not even in a bus, but in an armoured banking truck that looked like it would be fit to transport the Hope diamond. I didn’t know where it came from, but I didn’t want to find out either.

The trek was about an hour. Everything was running along smoothly, despite the terrain.

Soon we arrived at the El mansion or, near it anyway. The whole escapade was one surprise after another, and the security was no disappointment either, for there must have been a quarter of the countries’ military stationed there, everything from helicopters to police officers in armoured suits; holding hundreds of thousands of people at bay behind wrought iron gates.

People yelled and screamed, clawing over one another trying to stay afloat. This was rioting at its peak. No one in their right mind would dare to infiltrate this facility. But I wasn’t right-minded.

Nearby a man stood upon a mammoth stack of crates yelling to the skies some crazed speech about the space agencies across the world had fallen, and how El was their last hope of survival, referring to him as the “harbinger of the new beginning.”

Soon someone toppled the boxes leaving the man to plummet to his fate. Momentarily transfixed, I was snapped back to reality by a bug eyed woman pulling at my sleeve yelling, “We must get on that ship! Get past those barbarians!”

It was true; it was like the whole world had turned barbaric. Now we acted like a giant pack of rabid dogs, desperate for blood. We worked our way back to the mobs edge, glass crunching under foot. I put my hand to my ringing ear as we discussed ideas.

Then, like the crack of lightning that stuck nearby, I had an idea. At the border of the crowd were two, tired and harried looking men in uniform.

To me, the thought of killing a man was absurd, absolutely absurd. Murder was a dark act, and when something was killed, it couldn’t be un-killed. But this wasn’t murder, I though, pausing in my own thoughts.  It was necessary. I told myself it was nothing. Anything that could generate reason, I did, to repel the on setting plague of guilt. Though considering we were all going to die soon anyway, what did it matter?

Several minutes later, we appeared donning stained and battered uniforms. Nobody would bother to check for ID, papers or anything. Who would?

We joined a small contingent of other uniformed men, who were wheeling stacks of crates to a large side door on the building. I thought perhaps, if they were destined for the ship, perhaps we could stow away in one of them?

As I walked with the others though, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them actually belonged in that uniform, and how many shared the same idea we did.

My vision began to tunnel the further we got forward. Two-hundred feet, one-hundred feet, fifty feet. All I saw was the goal at hand, and all I heard was white noise.

Zero feet, I began to perspire as we reached the massive doors. It was only about a five minute walk from the gates to here but it felt like an eternity. The air suddenly turned thick and my breaths swallowed.

The doors opened to reveal a large, monochromatic room, stacked high with crates identical to the ones we had brought. The room smelled of metal and must.

I cracked a smile; this must be a cargo hold.

The others quickly retreated back down the path and out of sight, excitedly, I motioned White inside. We had to be swift if we were going to make ourselves hidden before the others returned.

But they weren’t coming back.

Just as we stepped in, a deafening roar sounded out shaking the ground beneath us. I looked out to see that the ground was getting farther and farther away. We were flying, and the mansion itself was the ship! Finally, the ship lurched precariously to one side.

In that single horrific moment, White lost his footing, falling to his knees, and began sliding down the slanted floor straight towards the open doorway.

I cried his name and lunged for him, just managing to grasp his hand before he fell. I was being dragged with him, but thankfully, I hooked myself to the door’s edge before I could go with him. I was safe, he was not.

I urged him not to let go. Desperately I pulled him back to me, but his weight grew strenuous on my arms and for just an instant, my grip slipped, and he fell. For good.

I only caught a glimpse of his face, accepting of all things, but nonetheless unforgettable. He would have no ceremony, no grave to be buried in. He would be cremated with the rest of the world. A blanket of cries and fire to mourn his death but no more.

A brave man, gone in a second.

So why me? Why was I here over anyone else? Was there a reason, or was I just lucky?

I yelled to the sky, as if I expected someone to answer. I dropped to my knees and cried out first in silence, then in a wallowing choke.

“Give me a sign! Show me the light to guide the way!”

No answer came, but as the doors slid shut and I collapsed against the floor, out of the tiny window, I gazed a single, bright star.

If that wasn’t a beacon of hope, I don’t know what was.

The ship lurched again, and I slid backwards, felt something strike my head and then everything fell into darkness.

That is how I came to be where I was, lying silently, head throbbing, on the middle of a cold steel floor, aboard a ship destined for nowhere, with only myself to speak to.

What would come next I didn’t know, life was full of surprises, so I guess I’d just have to play it by ear.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

I shall start by saying, that I am incredibly happy to say that I have now completed the first novelette to be uploaded to mcscriptor.

I hope that you all enjoyed that to the maximum, and there is to be much more content. I can’t really speak for your opinion, so make sure you let me know what you thought in the comments.

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I’ll try to refrain from ranting so I’ll cut it short now. But thank you for reading. I shall be back soon, (within a week) for some brand new content! -M.C. Scripturus

The Beginning

So this is the first short story post on mcscriptor! Because of its size I will be uploading it in two or three parts.

Here is part one of The Beyond!


The Beyond

A Short Story by:

M.C. Scripturus

            I opened my eyes slowly to find a dull grey ceiling above me. The floor trembled with an unceasing hum. Around me the room was filled with crates only a shade lighter than the floor. Not a single distinction to be found.

My head ached and my mind was still foggy, I knew that my consciousness had just returned.

I mentally reviewed what had happened to get me here.

It was one morning when it all started. I lived in a bustling metropolis, like that of a relentless beehive, things were always moving. The air was most often alive with the sounds of barking dogs, wailing sirens, and the roar of car engines just to name a few.

I flicked on the radio as I brewed my morning tea. The clock blinked on and off, clearly in need of resetting. I expected to have news or music as one normally would, but all I found was static.

I began to suspect something was wrong, maybe a power outage? I thought I’d check with one of the neighbors.

I strode to the door and cracked it open slowly; I was amazed, no, shocked when I looked out, rubbing my eyes and stepping onto the deck just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Oven like heat blasted me, along with the putrid tang of smoke. Though that wasn’t the worst, the sky, as I had always known it to be blue, was now red as blood.

And it was as if my eyes were deceiving me, but there were two suns in the sky! It looked as if the very world were burning before me.

It was the prophesized apocalypse, such a mire of fear and confusion that I never thought possible. How would you have reacted?

But the whole song and dance was just beginning.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

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I’m Blogging!

Hello there readers!

I’m M.C. Scripturus, the author of this blog. This whole blogging concept is sort of new to me, but I’m hoping you will enjoy what I write and what I post, as I plan to post frequently, all sorts of writings of mine. (This is intended to be a writing blog.) More to come soon! -M.C. Scripturus