Emerging from Fire, the Queen of Ice

Perhaps it was the work of some god, or some tremor somewhere in the universe, that lead to her existence?

I knew her to have stood before the hearth, born from the very embers themselves. She would spend the rest of her days in the forge, sparks flying as the iron smashed. Forging hammers, daggers, knives, swords and a magnificent silver scythe.

She would lift the newly crafted weapon above her head, another tool for her arsenal.

Always, she would sit before a job, and select whatever weapon she would need, be it knife, a sword, or the golden ring, brought forth from the fires in pure and incontestable solitude.


In the beginning, she’d approach with a candle in one hand, and a ring in the other. She was a maiden of the sheerest light. The one who carved beauty a new definition, and rose to become the embodiment of perfection. And when she smiled, it was so cruel, the way it glowed.

Her smile, so radiant that it would deny winter its arrival. Little did I know that it was buried deep inside her. That smile, cunning and deceptive in all it’s trickery, all it’s glory. The worst part, she was unquestionable, she was perfection…


If you were lucky, you got the knife, quick and painless. But if you were poor, and some befouled puppet master hated you that day, you’d get the scythe. The scythe… in the spotlight, brought down on your heart, by her hand as she cleaved through it. It was unnatural, the way such grace intertwined with such brutality, a peerless combination. Continue reading

He Who Forges a Future

He forges the future to his liking, he has the ability to do so. Anyone who stood in the way of that future would likely find their head upon the end of his sword. Though in his darkened soulless eyes, he held the truth, and a dangerous one at that.

The Mystery of Oak Island (a blurb)

The Mystery of Oak Island is coming soon, so I have composed a blurb to see what you think… Keep in mind, this is a fictionalized account, and therefore, is not solid fact, for those who are doing research on the subject…


Oak Island, such a fascinating place, home to the money pit, home to enthralling tales of mystery and the unexplained…

There is many tales, many stories, and that leads to many possibilities. Allow me to share with you, a legend; the legend of something men have slaved for, have sacrificed for, have lived for. What lies in the bottom of the money pit? What promise is great enough to rewrite the lives of countless people? But I can assure you, the legend is more than empty words, more than a promise…

It wants to be found.

But why? Welcome to the story of imagination, of promise, and of countless lives, cursed with curiosity. The story, of Oak Island.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

Looking forward to it? I am… Comment your feedback down below, drop a like, and spread the word! -M.C. Scripturus

The Mystery of Oak Island

So, with Skye Child coming to an end, I’m working on something for after, a new story, The Mystery of Oak Island. The story will also be written as a play-script, which is a bit different from what I would normally do. Here is a short excerpt from the story: (most of the stage directions are left out)


The Mystery of Oak Island

Narrator: “Oak Island, a truly fascinating place. The tiny island, home to an era’s worth of mystery. What enigmas enshroud this tiny landscape, home to the legendary money pit? Many people have many theories, and many theories lead to many possibilities. Let me have the privilege of sharing with you a legend.”

Introduces a small group of people, on a boat.

Narrator: “Long ago it happened. One day, a group of men, wearing strange masks, and strange cloths arrived. Carrying a load of heavy enigmatic items upon their backs. They wandered about through the island until they finally stopped, and set their bags and the coffin down. At their feet stood a great oak tree.”

Narrator: “It was here they decided to dig what would later become the famous money pit that was to intrigue and infuriate countless travelers throughout history.”


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

Sound interesting? Like a good mystery? I have had fun with this story, and I’m hoping you guys will enjoy it to! Look for it coming soon!