On the Topic of Cancer

Today, I wanted to talk about something, cancer.

Cancer is an evil which plagues this earth, and currently claims the lives of 7.6 million people every year, and is one of the biggest causes of death in North America. It rips family apart, it takes friends, and nearly everyone of us has been effected by it, be it a loved one, or having experienced it ourselves.

I have lost family to cancer, and I have relatives that are fighting it right now. Not all of them are going to win, and that saddens me deeply.

So, today, I implore all of you, do some research on the subject, raise awareness, help cancer research. If we all work together, soon there will come a day when a cure has been produced, and no one will have to suffer again! -MC


cancer ribbon colors


How would you spend a final day?

I spent some time thinking about this the other day. If you only had one day left, what would you do, how would you spend your final day? Last meal, last thing you said? Last person you want to talk? Would you invest several hours working on creating a time machine to go back in time and relive a specific time?

Change in the World

We all know that there is many great things about the world, but we also know that there is some things that are flawed. My question to you is thus, if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

What is an issue you want changed, what would you see happen? I’d say world peace probably. What about you, comment your answer down below!

To Fail or not to Try

I recently discovered that it has been a while since I posted my last, intriguing question, so I think that I’m going to make it more often that I do. (I might even add a section for them.)

SO, my question for you today is thus, what is worse, failing or never trying?

I will leave that to you! Comment your answer down below! -M.C. Scripturus