About M.C. Scripturus

Salutations reader!

If you are reading this, it means that you have stumbled upon mini-bio of, well, me, the author of this site.

I am known by many titles, Author, Opinionated One, Comedian, Eccentric Narcissist, and a murderer of the literary arts; but here I am known by my personally created pseudonym, M.C. Scripturus.

I am many things, a “poet”, an amateur photographer, one with a lot of opinions on the surrounding world, and most importantly, a person with a lot of interests who can sort of use a computer.

This blog is nothing short of what I could only describe as, an amalgamation of my madness.

Primarily I post my attempts at creative writing, intermixed with photos that I take of interesting items, and my opinions on topics I want to discuss with the world. I also occasionally post articles about other things that are intriguing, in the hopes of ensnaring the minds of like-minded people.

However, posts about my life are rare, because my life is boring…..

In life I am something of an oddity. I’ll either be the quietest or the loudest person you’ll meet. (For some reason people think I am quiet up until they get to know me for more than twenty minutes).

Whence I am not yelling my opinions or metaphorical nonsense at my friends and family, I might be found frequenting local downtown cafés, where I perform spoken word poetry or comedy pieces for the various hipsters who deem it interesting.

However, I am also quite fond of the peaceful and relaxing. Be it a candle lit room at home with semi-quiet violin music, as I pen another attempt at literature, hot beverage in hand watching the steam rise making metaphors, or a sun-lit hill overlooking a placid lake, reclining against a tree.

My brain is full of mismatched thoughts, the clever ones like dysfunctional clockwork.

Why do I write?

I write for many reasons; of course the obligatory and traditional answers, like using it as an expression of creativity. However, if you would like to really delve into the highly intellectual eccentricity of my sub-conscious semi-literary mind, I would be pleased to describe how I use it as an escape from my boredom.

Also, Jedi mind tricking people into acting out my wondrous fantasy realms is unfortunately impossible. And I don’t have the kind of money to allow me the capability of hiring actors for that odd, (yet probably awe-inspiring) task.

I try to bring the best of my thoughts here to be shared with the internet.

I’m always open to your feedback and opinions, so feel free to leave it in the comments!

Enjoy what you find here. -M.C. Scripturus

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