An Excerpt From My Life

As any of my frequent readers may know, I don’t post often about the intriguing splendor that is my life. (That sentence was also meant to be spoken with the nth degree of sarcasm).

In the terribly dull real world, my life is quite boring.

SO, for that reason, I’ve made it a point to write about it anytime something noteworthy happens.

Not that the first installment in this random series might be overly exciting, but I thought this excerpt from my life was relatively entertaining.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but I talk with my hands, a lot……..

Sometimes it’s for emphasis to reinforce my point, particularly when I am really getting into what I am saying, or a story I am telling.

Sometimes it’s because I would like to distract the people I am conversing with, while I try to remember what I meant to say. My short-term memory is almost non-existent actually. I’d say it resembled that of a gold-fish, but that would be an insult….. to the gold-fish.

Sometimes I’m acting out a scene from a movie which involves 4 other people. And then again, sometimes, well, I’m sure I can find another couple of reasons at some point.

I’ve gotten quite good at it though. I have even managed to work more than a few instances of crane kicks and leaping across the stage, into my poetry.

So today, I had a great opportunity, which definitely wins the most random thing that’s happened to me this week award.

I knew a few guys who were conducting some research and using a CBR. A CBR (Calculator-based Ranger) is a device which uses ultrasonic pulses to detect the distance between it and an object. The object can be moving or stationary, and the Ranger graphs the distance between as it increases or decreases.

That was likely a really bad attempt to explain, so check this link if you want more information on the subject:

Anyway, I digress.

I bumped into them today, and me, doing my usual hand-talking, inspired the question; what would happen if  I just stood and talked in front of the device?

So we tried it.

Now I can officially say that I know what I look like on a graph when I talk. I don’t think many other I know can say the same.

Turns out, much to my surprise, the graph did not move very much. About the only spike was when I threw my pen across the room.

However though, for the sheer ability to say that I know what I look like when I talk, in graph form, it was very much worth it.

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