My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. The time of the year when people get this idea stuck in there heads, called a New Year’s Resolution. For some reason I could never quite grasp, the trend of declaring self-improvement, somehow makes a killing at the end of a calendar year.

Theoretically, declaring as such could work any day, from my point of view. I must be misunderstanding the meaningful significance of doing so on December 31st.

I guess though, if you are improving yourself, the date isn’t really important. It’s all about the dedication you have towards your goals.

Or that’s what it would be about, but most people never actually complete their resolution.

That is why this year, just for fun, I’ve made a list of achievable resolutions which I am going to work on:

1.) I will be posting various pieces of short fiction on M.C. Scriptor.

2.) I shall become proficient in the art of irony.

3.) I am going to master the art of making horrible puns.

Four.) I will start being more consistent when making lists.

6.) Je vais améliorer ma capacité d’écrire en français.
(I will improve my ability to write in French).

7.) I will complete these resolutions.

8.) I shall cease making false promises to myself.

I’ll be sure to update you with how well these are going at the beginning of January. I imagine it will go swimmingly.

What are your resolutions? Feel free to comment down below. (I’m guessing it’s probably better than mine). -MC

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