Words That Are Usually Insults But I View As Compliments- with Guest Blogger, D.K. Phoenix

Salutations world, I’ve got an interesting post for today. I’ve recently begun communicating with my friend and long inactive blogger, D.K. Phoenix once more.

After an interesting conversation, we have concluded that both of us seem to be strangely complimented by words that are otherwise construed as insults by most people.

I thought this would make an interesting topic for a post, so enjoy as we both inject our redefinition of the English language into the blog-o-sphere.


D.K. Phoenix: 

Hair Freak: most people say that I freak out over my hair, however, I would like to say that I give it enough attention, that my hair is in the top percentage of follicles.

Abnormal: I do not conform to the norm.

Obsessive Compulsive: I like things done right!

Sensitive: I am in tune with my emotions!

Massive Vocabulary: sarcasm taken literally.

M.C. Scripturus:

Narcissist: What was that? I was being distracted by my reflection.

Smart-ass: My donkey is very intelligent, thank you very much.

Weird: If no one has noticed, I self identify as eccentric, the version of weird I use when I’m attempting to sound fancy.

Pretentious Intellectual: Well, you’re calling me smart at the same time, so that would be a compl-insult. (COMP-linn-sult; a word, phrase or sentence, functioning simultaneously as a compliment and an insult).

Murderer of the literary arts: What I write may or may not qualify as poetry, some of it is designed for entertainment purposes only.

Paranoid: I actually pay attention to my surroundings….

Sarcastic: Yep, I agree completely.

So those are some words we take as compliments that most people would find insulting. Thanks to my fellow eccentric narcissist D.K. Phoenix, whose (inactive) link can be found here: http://dkphoenix.wordpress.com/

See you soon!

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