The Unspoken Addiction

For those of you who don’t know, there is a style of poetry I do, called anti-love poetry. Essentially, it exists because I suck at writing love poems. They are usually told from the perspective of the bitter, or full of sarcasm. Generally.

So, interesting story…. I realised the other day, that I have never written a decent love poem. I was challenged to attempt one by many of my friends. I caved, so behold the result of peer pressure.


The Unspoken Addiction

Often when you hear the word addiction,
it is said alongside things like drugs
or other ailing things.

But there exists an unspoken drug,
one commonly forgotten
in discussion of addiction.

That drug, is another being.

A quality all life possesses,
is the capacity to love.
There exists an extraordinary happening
however, in our human-kind.

That is when the connection a person holds,
surpasses what seems to be the border
of the physical realm.

A connection so deep,
that the very minds are entwined,
the beating hearts would bleed at the same instance.

This feeling, this connection, this addiction,
has broken the confines of all descriptions
we could throw at it.

There are only certain lengths to which
words can take us.
Nothing which can capture the true feeling
of the euphoric addiction.

The closest words we can find in our
so un-passionate language,
are “love”, and “magic”.

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