Leap of Faith


Nothing is quite like getting to see the water of Niagara Falls, crashing down with a mighty roar.

Falls so large and bodies of water so extensive, one might think they go on forever.

This is at the threshold of water and open air. The moment, when those drops of water, amass together in a leap of faith, before plummeting to the next phase of their cycle below.

I could feel the mist on my face and in the breeze as I sat taking this photo. (Which was good, because it was about 37 degrees out that day).

niagara photo

This really gave me a sense of the vastness here. (The tiny white specks everywhere were a flock of seagulls).

I enjoyed marveling at the scale of the boats going through, as compared to the river, or even the bridge, which marks the border of Canada and America.

I considered nicknaming this city, The City of Eternal Rainbows. It can’t be seen here, but during the three days I was visiting, there was a rainbow, perpetually suspended in the sky. Something which makes this place, all the more interesting.


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