And Since We Have No Place To Go…..

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Welcome readers, to the end of November, and the beginning of December.

At the turning of the month, I am both sad and happy.

Sad, because I was unable to complete the NaBloPoMo challenge, due to my spectacular internet, being nothing but a pain in the backside for the last couple of weeks. I now have a backlog of content, which I will be posting over the next little while.

Happy, however, for this coming month is one of my favourites of the year. It is the time, when I can finally embrace the spirit of the holidays, and the beautiful threshold of eternity that is the Canadian winter.

To get things kicked off, you might notice that M.C. Scriptor is snowing. This is a very nice and festive aesthetic brought to you by the wonderful people at WordPress. In addition to that however, I am making some changes and additions to the blog, starting with the rather outdated about page, which I have now re-written. ( )

There is plenty to come my friends, and I look forward to being around the blog more this month! See you soon! -M.C. Scripturus

Accidental Photo

IMG_2979This was a photo from last month I have just dug up. Interestingly enough, I enjoy this photo, even though I had no intention of taking it at the time.

I was taking some photos, and was walking over to the door, when one of my furry, four-legged friends, decided to dash out from underneath the table, moving right in front of where I was now stepping.

In a very creative attempt to not step on him, I managed to trip and fell over, contorting myself as to not damage the camera.

Mid-fall, I had accidentally taken this photo. On the positive side, the photo is interesting, but I had a few bruises to show for it.


The Unspoken Addiction

For those of you who don’t know, there is a style of poetry I do, called anti-love poetry. Essentially, it exists because I suck at writing love poems. They are usually told from the perspective of the bitter, or full of sarcasm. Generally.

So, interesting story…. I realised the other day, that I have never written a decent love poem. I was challenged to attempt one by many of my friends. I caved, so behold the result of peer pressure.


The Unspoken Addiction

Often when you hear the word addiction, Continue reading