What It Means to be Human

I have lived through the break of dawn, and the light of day,falling in love 2

through setting sun, and dark of night,

have scaled mountains,

and drowned in the oceans,

I have lived the fires of hell,

and lights of heaven,

for I am human,

I live the ups and downs.

I have felt the fall of love,

and the plunge of heartbreak,inferno 2

the highs of hopes,

the troughs of disappointment,

the fire of anger,

the searing of pain,

the tearing of sorrow,

the sting of loss

and the darkness of sadness.

I know the warmth of embrace,

and the sweet air of freedom,

broken chains of liberty,

the torrents of confusion,

a mind enslaved,

and the disdain of the powerless.

I experience the lift of happiness,freedom and liberty

and the noise of the uproar,

the sweetness of joy,

the bitterness of good-bye.

I see things everyone sees,

but each is different, because it’s seen by me.

I’ve seen blood drawn,

tears fallen,

smiles brightened,

and minds enlightened.

For I am a human,

I live the ups and the downs.

I’ve forged friendships,

and been burned by hate,

watched unity form,

and alliances unravel,

I’ve seen peace time come,war and peace

and war-time go,

greed possess,

and generosity sown,

the kind who reap,

the sinful to fall.

I’ve seen legends live,

and dictators die,

I’ve seen mallets fall,

and soldiers cry.

Families together, many apart,

I’ve seen it all.

Some in death,

some in life,

things come, things go.

Some lose faith,

some seek hope,

some are blind,

some know where to go.

Some cannot hear,

others may not hear.

Others can, and always will.

Ascension of life,

descent of death,

I’ve seen us evolve and devolve,devolve

nobody gets out alive, but time always remembers.

What does it mean to be human?

Everything; for good and for bad.

I’ve seen it all,

for I am humanity.


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