Into the Fray: DP Photo Challenge


The last light of the day, disappears behind the urbanized structure, which stands in the middle of what was once land claimed by the earth. Caught in the middle of a darkened ground and a blue sky flaunting its endless colour, the sun is stuck on the edge of the contrasting states of day. Now all it can do is hide, and wait for the fall of night.

What’s White, Cold and Lurks Around the Corner?



I was browsing through some of my older photos, and I stumbled upon these. At this point, I’m not really sure if I’m looking forward to this, or dreading it. Past experience is telling me to go with the latter. I am now going to enjoy the thirty degree heat while it lasts!

snowy pic



buried in snow

Reasons Why I Write #2 (Creative Answers)

This is now the second of these posts that I’ve done, where I revisit the reasons why I write. Although, the answers are a little more creative than usual. Check out the first one in the link down below:


Reasons Why I Write #2, A Tanka Poem

Sports, not my forte,

Comedy rejected me,

my twisted humour,

Reason for coffee shop visit,

as I do not enjoy coffee.


Also, if you want to observe some reasons other people write, check out this awesome link:

The World Will Be Inherited by Chimps

In my opinion, the world has become to reliant on modern-day conveniences, making us incapable of surviving once they are taken away. I think that if there is ever a global black out, we are likely gonna be in hot water, and the world will be inherited by Chimps.

I got to thinking

Sometimes, it’s hard to uproot a problem.

Sometimes, it’s because the problem has been there for so long, you can’t see it anymore, because it has just melded into the background of normalcy.

It is at that point, I’ve found, that it takes a keen eye, and self-awareness, to find this camouflaged monster under the bed, Waldo of life, secret in the closet, whatever you want to call it.

The one secret weapon everyone had though, is that all problems, always come to an end.

The Teacher Student Ratio

Everybody teaches something in life,

whether it’s the overly complicated answer to some quadratic equation,

or simply how to be happy,

there is things we pass on in our lives,

whether we know it or not.

And even when we’ve passed along all we know,

it’s never too late, to keep learning.