An Angel On Earth

She’s an angel, who walks the earth,

no words can stop her boundless spirit,

nothing can slow her rapid mind,

but the scars she bares upon her wrists,

the world worries for her,

she walks the earth, and it would be a tragedy,

for her to be lifted from her feet,

to leave the outstretched arms of a fruitful future,

and deny the world her beauty.

She walks the earth, I hope it stays that way.

Seeing you and all you do,

nothing could compare to the sorrow if we lost you.

Some people cannot see beauty,

but it is only because they are blind,

an it is in their blindness that they do not know

what the world would miss, if she did not show.

Please good angel, walk the earth with a clear conscious,

let the people around you stand by you to serve as a shield,

from the blind ones’ sickened words,

let the embrace of those who love you, show you hope where you could see none,

none would like to see you go,

the world would weep alongside the broken poet,

so please good angel, do not let anymore blood fall,

do not hear the ill words at all,

let only the light shine down upon you,

this day and all the next,

as you walk through your life,

with a smile on your face.

Outstretch your wings, learn to fly,

above anything that would bring you down,

and as I can see the smile upon your face,

I know you will not deny the world of you.

Bare the halo, and love your world.

I beg of you.

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