The Threshold of Eternity

I’m a Canadian, and as some of you might know, Canadians stereotypically like to complain about the weather. I had that stereotype in mind today… now, I can’t say its true for all of us, but it is true for me. So, to express my frustration with nature, I have created this series of poems:

My Many Weather Woes


Gorgeous spring-time days,

the days are getting longer,

rain lands on my head.


Scalding days summer days,

days that last forever,

if you don’t melt first.


Fall comes leaves start to drop,

Grass is dying, leaves need raking,

Hundred leaf bags to buy.

The Threshold of Eternity

Subzero winter woes,

frostbite chilling to the core,

so pack the snow shoes,

outside so frozen, it began

asking to build a snowman.

(It doesn’t have to be a haiku.)


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