Of Trinkets and Torches

Torches and Trinkets


It goes without saying that this is a very interesting picture. Oh, and the guy who created it is a genius… His name is Pawel Kuczynski, a satirical artist who specializes in creating “thought-provoking images”, dealing with all sorts of real world problems.

I recently did a poem on another of his drawings, which you can observe here:


But without further adieu, my thoughts on the image above:


Of Trinkets And Torches

It’s a reverse life cycle, with a domino effect.

Child of the earth, the bright green tree,

Fire waits for them below, but there is no plea.

A blow to the earth, a twisted desolated wreck.

Cremated, incinerated, and left to tiny hands,

from the fires, hot burning pyres,

comes the making of shiny gold trinkets,

infinite plastics, knick-knacks and playthings,

the tiny hands become weak and quiver,

behind sparkling brand names they hide and they shiver,

torches burning, burning long,

trinkets falling, falling song,

rows on rows do grown men sit,

weaving items sold the new half-wit,

tiny hands, shift to tiny hands,

broken spirits become a broken bank,

broken minds from broken mines,

ask ourselves, do we really need this?

10 minutes in the spotlight, and out it goes.

Years in the sweatshops, is no way to go.

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