The Greatest Invention of Douglas Adams

For all of you who are familiar with the concept of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, how many of you remember the Point of View Gun?

(To briefly summarize, a gun that makes the other person see you point of view when they are zapped with it.)

I have to say, it might be one of Douglas Adams greatest inventions. (Along with the gigantic computer and a second earth commissioned by mice.)

The Point of View Gun; imagine if it was used in real life, how many sticky situations could we get ourselves out of? It would be like a paddle, falling from the sky to help you when you get stuck up the creek without one.

This great (fictional) invention, created by Douglas Adams, could save the world if we had one.

Starvation, gone, warfare, gone, relationship issues, gone, the grocery list, gone, the argument you constantly have with your mother, gone.

It got me to thinking of a few ideas…. how can we develop a “point of view gun”?

I have come up with a couple of possibilities:

  • We will send a letter to Bill Gates, and get him to invest in neuroscience, where a massive team of scientists will put their giant minds together to create such a device.
  • OR MORE IMPORTANTLY; we should learn to be empathetic through use of communication and diplomacy!!!!

Although, if we ever do come up with such an invention, can we make it have cup holders? (Cup holders are cool, right?) That would be really convenient, wouldn’t it?


In all seriousness though; how do you think we could come closer to utopia? Share your ideas in the comments below! I’d be happy to hear from you!

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