The Hamster Wheel

We are all familiar with the brain. It’s that thing that lets you think, that thing that lets you live, and that thing often replaced with a peanut in 1970’s cartoons. (Cartoon logic is impeccable, isn’t it. )

Today, I’d like to thank that peanut, those turning gears, and that tireless hamster who runs on a wheel, until you can smell smoke. Thank you, for all that you do!



Valiant determination,

Running, burning, thinking,

Master of the mind,


He does know he's not getting anywhere, right?

He does know he’s not getting anywhere, right?

On the topic of death…

Ruins of time

I got to thinking the other day, some people will do anything they can to prolong their lives. When you are dying, is it better to fight for more days to live through, with no quality of life, or to have your days shortened, but to live them to their potential?

Memories in the wind.

I will not die, I always survive.

Not the jumping from the buildings so high, nor the blinking lights above.

The bird that can’t fly, or the gun shots in the sky.

The winds and the sun, or the power of the world at hand.

I do not die, for I am a memory, and memories are indestructible.

Keep me close at hand, and I will always be with you.

Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for all the memories.

The Greatest Invention of Douglas Adams

For all of you who are familiar with the concept of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, how many of you remember the Point of View Gun?

(To briefly summarize, a gun that makes the other person see you point of view when they are zapped with it.)

I have to say, it might be one of Douglas Adams greatest inventions. (Along with the gigantic computer and a second earth commissioned by mice.) Continue reading

The Reasons Why I Write (Creative answers)

So, I thought I would explain… why do I write? But, I find explaining that I find fantasy worlds incredibly interesting, and I enjoy expressing my thoughts, and what not, might make for a boring poem.

On the other hand, things like, the fact that I am too poor to pay people to act out my fantasy worlds, and liberty in death is somewhat disheartening, so liberty in fiction is way more awesome; is something that is more fun to work with.


Reasons Why I Write, A Limerick Poem

I once sat, going out of my mind,

My wondrous fantasy worlds I’d find,

But it sucked I was broke,

I could hire no bloke,

So I could find no actors to sign.