Stain Glass Windows

Late night staring at the ceiling, with it comes the odd inspiration. Here is something I had meant to post last week…. unfortunately, my internet wasn’t functioning. But here it is, enjoy!


My love of stain glass

how it filters all the light,

when the sky fills with smoke,

carried on resplendent wings,

the whole world can seem pretty,

stand, the light carries on,

we are like splitting prisms,

we will disappear,

same light of different colors,

for long after we are gone,

prismatic reflections,

a life taken for granted,

opportune ignored,

until the fated day when,

flowers bloom before a stone,

what makes each breath worth it?

that’s for you to discover,

but hurry because,

come the end, nothing’s worse than regret,

But the reason’s out there, go find it.

You can start, with the stain glass window.

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