Let it be a dream

Have you ever had that feeling, where something happens, and you wish it was just a dream? A dream of a nightmare, but not reality? Or when you know something happens and you feel like it was just a dream? It happens to me, and in recognition of that, here is a new poem. Enjoy!

Was it just a dream?

My mind is spinning, fogging,

Let it be a dream

I’ll close my eyes, and it’s gone,

Please, a distant memory.


Also, I thought I’d ask; how do you qualify yourself? Are you a dreamer, lost in the sky, dreaming in the stars, and spending more time in your own little world than anywhere else? Or are you a realist, through and through? Do you think you lie somewhere between? Let me know in the comments.

And if you liked the poem, be sure to hit the like and share buttons! See you soon! -MC

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