The Poetry Conundrum part 2: Midnight

I don’t usually post anything about my own goings on, you know…. cos my life is boring. But here I am again, in the poetry conundrum. It’s about midnight, and I sit here, smiling as I type away, my scrambling to random places.


Thoughts dashing this way and that,

How does this happen,

Especially rapid thoughts seem to come mind, Continue reading

The Two AM Poetry Conundrum

Created for one of those times, when your best ideas seem to come just before you get to sleep… and you want to go to sleep, but the idea is just so great….. which seems to happen far too often to me.


Oh inspiration,

You know how I love you so,

But I must inquire,

Must you always come to me,

at 2 o’clock in the morning!?


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013, 2014

5 Fantastic Works of Spoken Word

I’ve been getting really into spoken word poetry as of recent, and I have stumbled across some truly spectacular stuff, written by great artists of the spoken and written word. I think you guys should see:

Trigger Warning: profanity

#1, scratch and dent dreams, by Eric Darby, a great work about the dreams we can achieve and hope for tomorrow, along with my favourite line in there, “and there’s no metaphor there, it’s just good ice cream.”


#2, Shake the Dust, by Anis Mojgani, representing everyone in this world, beautiful wording, and a certain something I can’t explain.


#3, (I don’t actually know the name of this, but it is really awesome.) A truly awesome interpretation of a classic cartoon.


#4, Pretty, by Katie Makkai, depicts an accurate description of the world which some of us live.


#5, This is my Voice, by Shane Koyczan, one of my personal favourite spoken word artists, who has incredibly moving words he wants you to hear.


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did, perhaps even finding a new love for spoken word? Perhaps I’ll give it a go myself.

I’d like to do some more of these posts, sharing great poems with you all. So if you have a favourite poem, leave it in the comments below, I’d love to see it.


And a question, which do you prefer, spoken word, or written poems?


Let it be a dream

Have you ever had that feeling, where something happens, and you wish it was just a dream? A dream of a nightmare, but not reality? Or when you know something happens and you feel like it was just a dream? It happens to me, and in recognition of that, here is a new poem. Enjoy!

Was it just a dream?

My mind is spinning, fogging,

Let it be a dream

I’ll close my eyes, and it’s gone,

Please, a distant memory.


Also, I thought I’d ask; how do you qualify yourself? Are you a dreamer, lost in the sky, dreaming in the stars, and spending more time in your own little world than anywhere else? Or are you a realist, through and through? Do you think you lie somewhere between? Let me know in the comments.

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