Free verse poetry: Dreams of Fire

Open your eyes

This is, but a dream, just a horrible nightmare

Can’t be real, it’s all just lies,

When I see the fires there,

It can’t be real, someone wake me,

Through these visions of pain,

I can’t see

Someone tell me that this isn’t real

Just dreadful illusions,

Tell me, prove what I feel!

Free me from the mind’s dungeons!

Shatter the shackles, break these bonds,

Oh these roaring fires, no one is fond…

I can’t feel nor can I see,

My heart races, and I feel blind,

Sometimes I think, that’s all it’ll ever be…

Up in flames it goes, an end I hope it finds,

When I hope it all ends, when I hope it’s a dream,

For the freedom of my mind…

Fate be damned for such a cruel extreme…

But when I wake from such terrible dreams…

My world, has now been;


Let it stay that way

One response to “Free verse poetry: Dreams of Fire

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