The Second Impossibility

If you had a ticket to go anywhere in time, where would you go? Why there? Would you stay or venture to a land, far, far away? (This week’s writing challenge at the Daily Post) But, since poetry seems to be my new addiction, here it is, The Second Impossibility.


What I wouldn’t give, for a chance to travel time.

May it’s imagination, but it is a dream of mine.

How wondrous it could be,

with all the things that we could see.

Perhaps I’d go to see the gardens of Babylon,

or see the olden knights battle on.

The great depths of ancient ocean,

or a mighty chariot ride in motion.

The pyramids to find a token,

or the coliseum, where all the bones were broken.

I could go to see the dinosaurs, who roamed the open fields,

or I could explore the seas, little flat world to yield.

I could stand by Mozart, the music I could hear,

maybe I’d just venture back, to New Years Eve last year…

An olden family convention,

I might see the wheel’s invention,

journey back to olden London, and act as Sherlock Holmes,

The rainforests I ought to roam.

A revolution, an invention? Or the epitome of history?

Though it is a hard decision…

There is no where I should like to be, more than the start of time.

O when life first began, and I could see the world sewn.

The threads that are our world, how they came to be.

Where we were then, and what we are now,

More than anywhere, I would go and see the very start of time…

But hey, if we start from there, we can keep on moving forward;


After all, we have all the time in the world.


Here is the link to the Daily Post’s writing challenge, an awesome page, check it out!

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