NaPoWriMo: Coming to a close

Salutations readers!

First off, my apologizes for not keeping up with the NaPoWriMo challenge. Though I feel it’s unfortunate I didn’t complete the 30 poem mark, I have a vast multitude of poems I am currently finishing, and plan to post over the next several days.

I’d also like to acknowledge NaPoWriMo itself. National Poetry Writing Month, and the NaPoWriMo challenge, is a wonderful thing, and I would like show my appreciation for it; for drawing many people into the world of poetry writing, along with all the inspiration and fantastic works that have been drawn from that!

Happy NaPoWriMo everybody! Hope to see you soon! -M.C. Scripturus


NaPoWriMo: Scattered

This is a slightly extended Tanka poem. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Tanka’s follow 5/7/5/7/7, this poem is a variant, following 6/8/6/8/8. Hope you enjoy!


The trees are scattering

and they scatter when the wind blows.

Leaves fall, carry on…

one by one, they start to escape.

Free as air, where the wind blows.

Winter Haiku Poems

Inspired by my memories of falling on the ice when out for a walk, several times this winter… along with some memory of the beauty the winter held at times… I present to you, 3 haiku poems about winter…

Face plant

My face shapes the snow

when I slip and fall to ground

snow angles always there…
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Bridge Out: DPchallenge

This week’s challenge over at the DP, Fifty. Create, a poem, story or a scene, which only uses 50 words exactly. I’m going to give it my best shot with this poem, enjoy! (Link to the challenge:

Bridge Out

There she stood, against the windswept darkened waters.

The trees blended silhouette, in the star shrouded sky.

The river was so cold, ice frosted its surface.

She was torn, back turned to the bright warm breezes,

and fields of gold and red and green.

What to do, what to do?


What did you think? Drop a comment down below, let me know, feedback welcome!


An Analysis of Green Things…

For what things are green in this world.

Oh there are quite a plenty.

There are the green leaves, that blow in the wind.

The green grass which stems from obsessions.

The envious green of money, lifestyles focus.

Frogs leaping from stone to stone.

The maddening color of a storming sky.

Envy, greed and jealousy, causes for pain for you and I.

But then there is the canopies, providing shade from the sun.

Olives which sit upon a branch, peace to one and all.

The algae which sucks the life from the sea.

Nature which sustains us all.

And sometimes all we observe…

Beauty all around us, both visible and unseen.

That is what I see, when I see the color green.