Across the World, Be the Change…

There is something that lurks in the shadows of doubt, and the leaping fires of greed, where it grows in the dying embers of fear, and the feeding paper of uncertainty…

all over the world

and it is a plague onto it’s self, and all those who heart it clings to, and darkens so quick

not a flu, or an illness

but the onset of greed, and fear.

Every corner of the world, does it darken the hearts of many…

It poison minds, burns the heart, and destroys the world around us…

the depths of the darkest seas, to the peak of the highest mountain,

to the clocks of the mightiest towers, and the house of the most average,

does it fall kings, and make broken the backs of the everyone,


into the air of, the world…

Combat the plague of greed, for we can resist that which we think,

extinguish the fires of fear, for we can lighten how we feel

I have seen such things, many times in my life,

you and I might not share the same memory,

but I hope for the same dream,

a day where in my life, all will be well again,

we can find the courage to make our dreams succeed,

we can find the will to see our goals fulfilled,

it is violent hearts of greed and fear, that drag us all to the depths of death,

for a gun is not a weapon, but an object, unless someone is willing to fire,

and a knife is but a tool, without a hand to wield,

the power to believe, and strive to succeed,

is within the hearts and minds and souls of each and everyone,

my words reach to you, somewhere far away,

it shows just one, of how we’ve come so far…

in a day so soon, so close, and so possible,

there shall be no hunger, but full bellies and good days for everyone, who sees the sky,

and there shall be not illness, but the contagiousness of laughter and kindness,

and the green of envy and jealousy, shall see a new green or trees and a living earth,

where the gold shall stay, and prosperity will flourish in the arts and the roots,

and the eyes to witness such beauty shall be known platinum,

where the words of all minds shall have their voice, and their hearts so truly free…

in the perfect and ideal world, a time I see marked on the calendar of now,

where everyone can look to the skies, look to the mirror, and to the one beside them, and think,

this is the best day of the year,

let tomorrow be even better.

How would you spend a final day?

I spent some time thinking about this the other day. If you only had one day left, what would you do, how would you spend your final day? Last meal, last thing you said? Last person you want to talk? Would you invest several hours working on creating a time machine to go back in time and relive a specific time?

Change in the World

We all know that there is many great things about the world, but we also know that there is some things that are flawed. My question to you is thus, if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

What is an issue you want changed, what would you see happen? I’d say world peace probably. What about you, comment your answer down below!