The Mystery of Oak Island (a blurb)

The Mystery of Oak Island is coming soon, so I have composed a blurb to see what you think… Keep in mind, this is a fictionalized account, and therefore, is not solid fact, for those who are doing research on the subject…


Oak Island, such a fascinating place, home to the money pit, home to enthralling tales of mystery and the unexplained…

There is many tales, many stories, and that leads to many possibilities. Allow me to share with you, a legend; the legend of something men have slaved for, have sacrificed for, have lived for. What lies in the bottom of the money pit? What promise is great enough to rewrite the lives of countless people? But I can assure you, the legend is more than empty words, more than a promise…

It wants to be found.

But why? Welcome to the story of imagination, of promise, and of countless lives, cursed with curiosity. The story, of Oak Island.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

Looking forward to it? I am… Comment your feedback down below, drop a like, and spread the word! -M.C. Scripturus

2 responses to “The Mystery of Oak Island (a blurb)

  1. In 1398, Prince Henry set sail with 200-300 men in twelve tiny ships. Antonio Zeno was the navigator and recorder of the fleet’s log, which is called the “Zeno Narratives.” The voyage took the explorers to Faeroes, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and to New England. They had harmonious contacts with the Micmac Indians throughout at least one year. Several archaeological artifacts remain to validate their miraculous adventure. They are the Zeno Narratives and Zeno Map, a Venician cannon in Nova Scotia, the Micmac Indian legends, and a rock carving in Westford, Massachusetts. Some researchers believe that Sinclair and his group built the Newport Tower in Rhode Island. Antonio Zeno reported about Henry Sinclair, “If ever there was a man who is worthy of a mortal memory, it is this man [Henry Sinclair] because of his great bravery and goodness”.

    Accomplishments Were Not Announced to the World

    Unfortunately, Henry returned and was soon slain in an ambush in Orkney. It is thought that his assassination was ordered by the Hanseatic League to rid itself of such a powerful rival. To make sure that Prince Henry Sinclair’s trans-Atlantic achievements were not followed up, the Hansea arranged to have Sinclair’s son, also named Henry, arrested at sea while escorting the Crown Prince of Scotland to France for safekeeping. Henry and the King’s son were confined for the next fourteen years in an English prison. His other son, William grandson, was content to live in regal comfort in his Rosslyn Castle, where he designed and constructed Rosslyn Chapel. It was adorned with stone carvings, including corn and cactus, not here-to-for known in the Old World.

    Antonio Zeno also died immediately upon his return voyage. Only Prince Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth is credited with passing the story of the epic voyage along to her son, John. He proudly told his in- laws, one of whom was the wife of Christopher Columbus! Later, the Zeno Narratives were discovered, providing the world with a more definitive report of Prince Henry’s voyage.


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