The World Sown

Salutations readers! Due to some minor setbacks I recently experienced with Skye Child, part 5 will unfortunately be delayed a bit longer, I apologize for that.

So in the mean time, I brought something else for you that I had done a while ago; something that I never really do, poetry.

It might actually be one of the few I’ve ever written. Enjoy!


The World Sown

The Silence comes

The wind blows,

And the ash flows on the breeze.

 Come, far from home,

Hand in hand of fingers sewn,

Come, far from home,

The fires burned,

And silence fallen,


Rest o one of courage shown,

One so worn thin,

 The sun rises in the sky,

Cast on those

Convinced it died.

Hold on

The fear fades away,

Look to the sky,

And know;

That it’s finally over,

 Breath as the sun,

The rising and the setting.

Think as the water,

Focused, clear, and always moving.

Love as the fires lit,

Intense, roaring, mourning for the once.

 But Fear as the ashes blown,

Faded to nothing,

In the rising sun.

Look to the trees,

Where the bird sings to free,

Leaves and song,

Upon the gentle breeze.

Never again, shall the sound die,

Never again, shall we wither away,

Shrouded in our own fear,

Never again, shall there be a million questions,

With no answers to solve them.

Never again, will the inferno burn,

When we have already allowed it to cease,

Never again.

The sun shines, the rain falls,

Reap the peace, of the world sown.

 The air filled with merry a laughter,

The forests sing,

For what has found.

The heavens applaud,

The world is found.

Look around, embrace the sound.

Search for the light,

And climb the steps,

To the highest point.

Emerge to the world,

Head held high,

Where we are found

Step outside and remember.

Stand with him,

Maintain it to the end.

For good and for true,

From now forward,

We find the light, and turn from the dark abyss.

We move forward, not back,

 The Past can’t be changed,

Though you can try,

But today it is now,

And you can always change the future.

So reap the peace,

Of the world sown.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

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Skye Child p5 to be coming soon! -M.C. Scripturus

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