The Automaton

Hello readers, it’s a little earlier than I thought, but I have the newest addition to mcscriptor ready to be read!

Now before starting, I think it would be valuable to say that this Novelette is designed to make you think. It’s also my first attempt at a, metaphorical story. Comments and feedback are welcomed! Here it is, The Automaton.


The Automaton

 Max Smith was an everyday man. He had more or less the same lifestyle as all of his friends and neighbors.

Every day he would get up, eat breakfast with his wife and ready himself for work.

He would go to work, file away at papers for eight hours, sometimes eight and a half. He made decent money doing it to. When he was done clearing away his desk, he would return home at about 5:30.

After a dinner of pizza, chicken, sometimes salads, he would sit down on the computer or the TV. He would sit, he would watch and tap away at the keys. Occasionally stopping to use the bathroom or wipe a bit of drool from the side of his mouth.

When he was tired, he would change into his pajamas. Finally he would slide into bed, and a modest six or seven hours of sleep later, he would wake up.

He hit the snooze button on his clock, before finally stumbling out of bed.

Breakfast, ready, work. Wave hello to the co-workers. He was perfectly content in his highly scheduled life.

Until one day, the schedule changed. Max met a man by the name of Sage. Sage was a wise man, probably in his thirties, great grey eyes, and seemed to constantly have an air about him that Smith couldn’t quite finger, as Sage sat with his face buried in book, pen in hand.

The two conversed for a while, Sage turned out to be an avid reader, and he seemed to understand many points of life Max had never considered.

Sage asked Max about his life. Max gladly recited his daily routine and job, everyday conversation that he would have made with any of his co-workers.

Sage seemed quite intrigued. A look crossed his face.

“Not you too my friend. You are a victim of the clock. Think my friend, I beg you to think. You think as a clock, you live as an Automaton. That is no life, and there is more than that. Consider it please. Don’t live as the Automaton.”

Minutes passed, Max began to consider Sage a bit more strange than he had thought. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the strange new friend to heart. His watch beeped. His shift began in ten minutes.

Hopping into his car, he arrived at work, but was displaced to find that when he got there, he couldn’t park. His car was too large. He circled, and circled again.

No parking spaces. It couldn’t be!


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

So what did so think? This is a single part story, so next time will be something different. I hope you enjoyed that, and many other stories to come. -M.C. Scripturus

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