The Beyond Part 2

So here is Part 2 of The Beyond. Enjoy and make sure to tell your friends, family and any and all lovers of literature. Feedback welcomed!


            Finally the world gathered enough sense to communicate; it turned out that the recent weather spike and the cataclysm that followed was due to a traveling star, hidden behind our own sun, managing to elude space agencies across the globe.

It finally decided to appear before us, intending to fry us all to a crisp in the process.

There was a silver lining in a way though. All the politics and war, internal squabbles and external battles seemed to suspend themselves, so that everyone could focus on the more pressing crisis.

Plants withered and died all over, drought plaguing the most water rich places, wildfires ripping apart even the densest forests, and the heat rose to over eighty degrees at its coolest temperatures.

Albeit a useful tool, technology had become vital parts of everyday life in nearly everywhere. When it ceased working, now we were not only running like mice fleeing from a carving knife, but we were running blind, and deaf.

I thought the chaos was unleashed already, but that would be nothing compared to when the world realised it was going to become a contest of survival before the oceans boiled over like a giant tea kettle and we burned in its wake within a matter of days.

It was almost like utter disaster had a grace period. A point where you could almost relax and see your life flash before your eyes, saying good-bye to everything you once loved.

When it truly came down to survival, you would do anything. You would kill for what you needed, and you’d go to extremes for what you didn’t.

Perhaps it was only by mere chance, or perhaps there was some miracle light shining down on me, but I was a big fan of history, and my basement happened to contain a telegraph that I used to communicate with one of my old friends when we were bored. (Not that I knew why, but I suppose it was useful for something like if the world were ending.)

His name was White Smith.

I frantically sent out an SOS to get a return a short time later. What I found was so mind-blowing that I actually had to read it over more than once.

White asked if I had ever heard of a man called El Vain. I had, as he was a billionaire that lived in the area. His mansion was a fortress, and he had money. Beyond that, few people knew much about him, but apparently now was the time he chose to make himself known. El had decided to launch the Beyond Project.

The Beyond project was a multimillion, possibly billion dollar project that he had been keeping under wraps for who knew how long?

It was a project with one mission; finding a home in outer-space.

A flying fortress built for a legion of people. El was either the most paranoid person in history or he had a filthy little secret he wasn’t sharing with any of us.

There was a problem though; I doubted there would be even five-thousand people aboard whatever ship he had built and intended to leave in. I had to be one of them.

Getting to the mansion itself would be the first hurdle. With use of the telegraph, I sent White another message. We made arrangements to get ourselves to the mansion. We would leave everything behind, except for what we absolutely needed. No material possessions mattered anymore. Parting with everything I had ever owned was not an easy feat either, as one could imagine.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

Part 3 should be up within a few days. Am I building your excitement? Until next time. -M.C. Scripturus

One response to “The Beyond Part 2

  1. So excited for the next part! You have a great way of writing and its so hard to stop reading. Can’t wait for part three



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