The Beginning

So this is the first short story post on mcscriptor! Because of its size I will be uploading it in two or three parts.

Here is part one of The Beyond!


The Beyond

A Short Story by:

M.C. Scripturus

            I opened my eyes slowly to find a dull grey ceiling above me. The floor trembled with an unceasing hum. Around me the room was filled with crates only a shade lighter than the floor. Not a single distinction to be found.

My head ached and my mind was still foggy, I knew that my consciousness had just returned.

I mentally reviewed what had happened to get me here.

It was one morning when it all started. I lived in a bustling metropolis, like that of a relentless beehive, things were always moving. The air was most often alive with the sounds of barking dogs, wailing sirens, and the roar of car engines just to name a few.

I flicked on the radio as I brewed my morning tea. The clock blinked on and off, clearly in need of resetting. I expected to have news or music as one normally would, but all I found was static.

I began to suspect something was wrong, maybe a power outage? I thought I’d check with one of the neighbors.

I strode to the door and cracked it open slowly; I was amazed, no, shocked when I looked out, rubbing my eyes and stepping onto the deck just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Oven like heat blasted me, along with the putrid tang of smoke. Though that wasn’t the worst, the sky, as I had always known it to be blue, was now red as blood.

And it was as if my eyes were deceiving me, but there were two suns in the sky! It looked as if the very world were burning before me.

It was the prophesized apocalypse, such a mire of fear and confusion that I never thought possible. How would you have reacted?

But the whole song and dance was just beginning.


© Copyright M.C. Scripturus and mcscriptor, 2013

So what did you think? I’m open to your comments so be sure to leave some! Are you looking forward to part 2? It will be up tomorrow or the day after. Until next time. -M.C. Scripturus

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